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Style : electro

NEUS (which means “New Experimental for Universal Sound) was born in 2007 in Haute-Corse.

Behind this band name,Gael Guidicelli is hidden, passionated by music since his young age, he wrote and tried his hand at all types of electronic and acoustic music.
Its kind of music varies with electronica, minimalist sounds picky clubs and sudden violence pushed to the end “trash” of beat 4 / 4
He experimented with sound, improvising, mixing several styles, and sometimes gets lost in risky experimental electronics.
DJ, with the influence of the club world, his world is based on sound physical basis.
NEUS arises and expect in IDM projects, Emotronic, Low-Tempo, Ambient music and movies or it transcribed ideas and concepts and emotions in music.
His musical sensibility that has its own learning and mastery of acoustic instruments such as guitar / bass, keyboard and battery.

What makes NEUS today is its versatility, accuracy and mastery of improvisation..

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